Does age really hurt the gums?

Nineteenth-century horse dealers were not particularly reliable so seasoned buyers often checked the animal's mouth. If the teeth looked long it meant that [...]

Disorders of the salivary glands

Salivary gland disorders are conditions that lead to inflammation or pain in the saliva-producing tissues around the mouth. The salivary glands produce [...]

Dental Whitening is Fashionable

Many times, the world of health and aesthetics meet, because it is really difficult to show beauty without appearing to be in good health, in this sense many [...]

Dental seal function

When it comes to preventing tooth decay we have at our disposal all sorts of interesting alternatives that have the purpose of preventing the appearance of one [...]

Diseases of the jaw

The jaw is subject to the same diseases and conditions that affect other bones of the body. Bone and metabolic bone disorders can affect the growth of the jaw [...]